The Lord’s Poet

Why I Started writing

As a child I was unable to vocalize my thoughts and feelings so I learned to write them out. Writing how I felt about an issue soon turned into writing poems about how I was feeling, a personal or spiritual insight or just some silly lines to make someone smile or even laugh a little. The theme of my poetry in general is: Poetry to Lighten a Troubled Heart. Laugh a Little, Cry a Little, Know You’re Not Alone. All my poetry falls into one of those four categories. When I have completed the pages for this site, there will be poems from each category.

More pages in each category

I will be adding pages over time. I will add a third or fourth or however many pages from each category until I run out of poems. As I add a page, I will add a link to that page. Come back often to see how much progress I’ve made.


To navigate through the poetry pages, use the links above the image on the pages.

Adding Store

I will also be adding items I’ve made using my poems for sale. When the store is completed, the links to the shop pages will be found on this page. Links will be inserted to bring you back here when you are ready to purchase an item.