Know You’re Not Alone 1


My life is better
For having met you.
I see hope
Where before there was none;
I find reason to laugh
In the midst of trouble;
I feel all is not lost
Because of your acceptance
Of me for who I truly am.
You give to me
What I’ve seldom had:
Love that has no conditions
And no limits.
You share yourself with me
And I am freed
To share myself with others.
You have touched my life
In so many ways
And I am richer
For having met you.


Friends do for friends
Things done for no other
Because of their friendship.
What one needs
The other does
Whenever asked
Without complaint;
No help requested
Is deemed too much
When done in friendship;
Nothing needed
Is withheld
Because in true friendship
There is no job description.


In the dark tunnels
Of my life,
When my light
Ceases to function–
You are my life-line.

When circumstances
Come to overwhelm
And I find myself
Sinking beneath the waves–
You are my life-line.

In times of trouble
You become for me
The life-line to God;
In times of stress
Your faith in me
Anchors me to reality,
And is the life-line
That keeps me tied to God
With a line
That I cannot cut.


Friendship is the rope
That ties us together
With knots that set us free.

Friendship is the chain
That binds us to each other
With links that let us be.

Friendship is the prison
That locks us all inside
With a love that sets us free.

Friendship is the net
That draws us close together
With a love that lets us be.