Know You’re Not Alone 2


Happily following
Where He leads us,
Joyfully singing praises
Through the day,
Reverently kneeling
In humble prayer,
God is right there
Walking at our side.
Angrily ignoring the call
Placed on our life,
Sadly feeling not joy
Or praise this day,
Calmly relying on our
Own resources,
God walks beside
Us still.
Confused, excited,
Accepting, denying,
Full of joy
Or empty sadness,
Regardless of our attitude,
God walks with us;
No matter what
We are feeling
Always He is there
Exactly where we are.


You have chosen
And fully intend
To move into a deeper walk
With the Lord.
When you make such a decision
Be prepared for the weather to get rough;
But also expect
The one who called you
To come unto him
To take care of you
In the storms that arise.


When God gives you a promise
Don’t be like ten of those
Sent by Moses who said
After looking over the Promised Land,
“Oh, my God!
You should have seen the giants!
We cannot win.”
Whenever you walk with God
There’s going to be giants
And they will seem
So much bigger than you
But remember that
“Greater is he that is in me
Than he that is in the world”
And let God be the one
To defeat and conquer
Any giants you might meet.


As Hansel and Gretl
Traveled through the forest,
So I was traveling
Through the woods of my life.
The crumbs I laid
To mark my path
Were soon eaten up
By hungry birds,
Leaving me totally lost
And unable to find my way.
I searched for some trace
Of the trail I had left
But remained blind
To any trail.
I fell to my knees
And cried out for help.
Then revealed to me
Was the path I should walk
To finally leave the forest.
In relying on my own eyesight
I could find no path out
Of the troubles I was in;
But once I turned my eyes
To the Lord above
I could see the way
And I was able to follow
The crumbs of Heaven
To find my way
Into the life
God had planned
For me.