Lighten a Troubled Heart 1


A shocking ice storm froze our town
Bringing trees and branches down,
But from my window I can see
A shiny, sparkling crystal tree.
Cov’ring up each branch and stick
The ice was now one inch thick
On my twinkling, crystal tree
Making it a sight to see
That I’ve watched most ev’ry night
Refracting now a neighbor’s light.
Come the thawing season’s melt
This tree will lose its crystal pelt
Becoming once again for me
A plain and simple dogwood tree.


Often we encounter
Fires in our life:
We don’t control,
And situations
We didn’t choose.
As we travel
Our chosen path
One of two buckets
We’ll carry with us
To use on daily fires:
The water of positive thought
Or negative’s gasoline.


Pots designed to carry water
From here to there
Do not function as intended
Should a crack appear.
But a wise person
Can use this fault in the jug
To water seeds he has planted
Along the path he travels
As he carries it from here to there
And thereby bring peace and beauty
Into a world devoid of such.
As that wise person
Used the faults of the pot
To fill a need on his path,
So God can and will use
Any of our cracks
To water and nurture
The seeds He has planted
And bring peace and beauty
Into a life devoid of such.


We make plans to reach a goal
And oft fall short of it.
We try again to grab the prize
But miss the golden ring.
Though failures may seem numerous,
Still we strive for lofty goals
Because the only way to sure success
Is to have no goals at all–
For if you aim at nothing
That’s exactly what you’ll hit.