Lighten a Troubled Heart 2


Two in the mud:
A seed and a boat.
One will soon bud,
The other can’t float.
A boat or a seed,
Which describes you
As the mud of need
Hits your life too?
Do you, as a boat,
In the mud stop?
Or like the seed,
Begin a new crop?


Love never measures
What’s right just for me;
Love only treasures
The best you can be.
True love will transcend
Each wrong you might do.
Complete love must bend
Beyond mistakes made by you.
Love is a pleasure
Each day we give it;
A boundless treasure,
Fear not to give it.


Carry not the past
Forward to the future;
The past is over–
Sufficiently finished–
And need not be
A balance carried forward.
The future stands before us:
A fresh and brand new chance
To begin to live life fully,
Becoming the best we can be.
Habits of the past
Can be broken
As we move into the future
Leaving behind the balances.


I have reached
The end of all I know,
I have arrived
At the very edge
Of the only light I see.
I know I must go on
For I hear the Lord calling me
To continue in the walk
We started together
So many years ago.
Now I must step out into the unknown.
Will there be a floor beneath my feet?
Or will I step off into thin air?
I step out
And discover
I needn’t worry
About what’s beyond
My vision;
I step out and
I find that
God has taught me
How to fly!