Laugh a Little Page 1


Do you have within your life
Friends who think you need a wife
(Or husband if not male you be)?
Then know that you and I agree.
I’m tired of their endless search,
One that ought to end in church!
Let’s choose the way we want to live
And no attention to them give.
These friends of ours will drive us mad!
Let’s take them to a launching pad
And blast them all away from here
Then walk away without a tear!


Tired, I’m always tired.
And here’s the reason why:
I’m a night person
Living in a day world.
In exhaustion I am mired
As I breathe a sleepy sigh:
I’m a night person
Living in a day world.
I function best at night
But I work from nine to four.
I’m just a night person
Working in a day job.
Some day I’ll see the light
And work at night once more.
Still I’ll be a night person
Living in a day world
But I’ll be a night person
Working at a night job!


Okay! Okay! I’m single
And find it hard to mingle.
But can’t you understand
I’d rather choose a diff’rent man?
You think your friend is great
So him I ought to date.
You want me now to meet your brother,
And if not him, you have another.
But don’t you understand?
I’d prefer some other man,
Not your friend or cousin,
Even if you have a dozen.
Being single is no fun
And I’d like to find someone,
But can’t you understand?
I’ll be the one to choose my man!


A friend you call, their number dial.
The phone it rings, you wait awhile.
It rings and suddenly you hear,
“I cannot answer now, I fear;
After the beep, please leave your name
And with your number do the same.”
Then comes the most horrendous beep.
You drop your phone and start to weep.
To that machine you cannot speak,
The very thought just leaves you weak.
Recorded voices strike you dumb
And leave you feeling very numb.
So then you dial another friend
Fearing how this call will end.
Again a wait, another beep.
You stumble, fall into a heap;
The phone you throw across the room,
Then smash to pieces with your broom.
On that machine declare a war,
Refuse to take it any more!
Your friends can call you now instead
(Or visit since your phone is dead).