Laugh a Little Page 2


Always I must keep
Pen and paper near at hand;
Often I lose sleep
That was not planned
As a great thought
Runs through my tired mind.
Ideas swiftly run
Past my searching brain.
I find no lasting fun
In the lurching strain
As a great thought
Passes through my mind.
Often thoughts passing through
Move so quick and fast
They leave me feeling blue
For what did not last
As a great thought gets away
From my slow-paced mind.


I finally have what you’re looking for;
I’d sell it in cans from door to door,
Or stacked on shelves from ceiling to floor.
Oh the ideas! Wait! There’s more!
What’s that you say?
You’ll try another way?
Don’t leave, I beg you please to stay.
I thought my aunt could save your day.
I know my hearing’s not too keen,
Tell me please, what do you mean?
My brain is not a lima bean!
Careful or you’ll split a seam!
Okay, I’ll listen, so tell me please.
Oh, dear, I’m sorry; I’m on my knees,
I heard you wrong, I’ll return all fees.
Antigravity did you say?
Oh, I brought Auntie’s gravy today.


I was asked:
Why settle for carrots
When you can have chocolate?
The speaker
Had referred to God’s best
In my life.
It was a perfect analogy,
For me.
I dislike carrots immensely
And will not eat them;
But my all time favorite
Is anything chocolate.
Of course,
You may dislike
(Or be allergic to)
And adore carrots.
In that case,
Why settle for chocolate
When you can have carrots?
Whatever your preference,
Whichever you choose,
The question really is:
Why settle for second best
When you can have God’s very best?


“Which is worse?”
That’s what I once asked.
I couldn’t decide.
Unrequited love,
Or love long distance?
Both felt pretty bad.
Nothing could feel worse,
Or so I thought.
But now I have an answer.
Which is worse?
Which is the worst?
That’s the question now,
Because there’s a third choice.
There’s also unrequited love long distance.
That’s someone far away
Who isn’t even interested.
It’s love not returned,
Whose recipient is miles away.
Love long distance is difficult
But when it is also unrequited
It’s just plain impossible!