Cry a Little Page 1


I sit here with chores to do
But leave them all undone.
I rise from my chair to start
But sit back down again;
I look around the room and see
The things that need attention.
Again I stand, move to the kitchen
Where dishes are unwashed.
Then I recall the unmade bed,
The dusty shelves and sandy floors–
Overpowered by my thoughts
I do no work and watch TV;
Overwhelmed by repetition
And feelings I can’t change
I sit here thinking of the chores
But lack the energy to do them.
I just can’t motivate myself
To do what must be done.
And as the chores increase in number
My energy sinks to zero.


I’m feeling now some tension,
Being pulled in two directions:
In strength by faith to stand,
Or to hide my head in sand.
I find I can’t decide
To stay or run and hide.
Opposites of choice
Take away my voice
To state just what I feel–
So in prayer I will kneel
To ask once more of you:
My faith and strength renew
To stand above the tension
That pulls in both directions.


Like a malignant cancer,
Depression grows and grows
Until it destroys
The truth that is
Who we really are.
Life is now seen
Through a cancerous mind
That hurts and destroys
All it touches each moment
We continue to live.
But there is a therapy
That can eliminate
All cancer from our minds.
It is found
In the gentle words
Constantly repeated
That wipe out
Those falsehoods
We see as reality.
Words like:
I love you.
We can ride this out together.
I’m here to listen.
You are important to me.
You’re not alone.
Oft repeated every day
By those we call
Friends and family.


I’m locked in a jail
That can’t be seen,
Trapped in a prison
That has no bars:
Life is a night sky
Showing no stars,
Or new mown grass
No longer green.